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Kurz-Kasch Core Competencies


The Company’s manufacturing capabilities are organized around its five core competencies: molding, winding, terminating, overmolding and machining. Each of the Company’s facilities is dedicated to a particular core competency set with support provided from the other facilities based on a specific product’s requirements. The following table illustrates the Company’s five key core competencies.



With the inclusion of electric motor components to the wide variety of coil and coil-based products produced by Kurz-Kasch, the Company now has the widest possible range of standard and unique coil winding and forming capabilities. With a long history of high speed bobbin wound coil manufacturing and complimentary electric motor stator coil winding and form methods developed, Kurz-Kasch has a unique capability in nonstandard coil manufacturing. The Company’s winding equipment includes multi-head bobbin coil winding machines to unique, custom designed coil winding and forming equipment.


Termination Technology

Kurz-Kasch has many years of experience in the termination of magnets and lead in coil, stator, solenoid and specialty electrical product applications. These termination processes include crimping, heat soldering, reflow soldering, flame soldering, resistance welding, plasma arc welding, brazing, insulation displacement and wire bonding and others. Kurz-Kasch has also developed specialty control techniques for these termination methods to permit them to be automated and to provide rigorous joint integrity monitoring, allowing for further quality assurance.


Through its work with stators over the last two decades Kurz-Kasch has developed significant expertise in machining to fine finishes, often within tolerances of 3 to 5 microns. For its products, Kurz-Kasch must often machine several dissimilar materials simultaneously, requiring a unique knowledge and experience.



Kurz-Kasch has developed unique capabilities in the overmolding of electrical and mechanical assemblies and components. The Company’s overmolding applications include electrical coils, stators, solenoids, electric motor components and valve assemblies. Kurz-Kasch can overmold with both thermosets and thermoplastics, using traditional methods or proprietary Kurz-Kasch processes. The Company has also developed a proprietary specialty thermoplastic material with unique thermal management and dielectric properties.


UL Recognized Systems

With the acquisitions of both Wabash Magnetics in 2003 and Macon Electric Coil in 2007, Kurz-Kasch has expanded its product offerings for high performance coil insulation systems.  Kurz-Kasch now has 50 insulation systems recognized by UL for use in a variety of applications such as refrigeration, electrical, appliance and HVAC for classes F, B and H.   In addition to the 50 coil insulation systems, Kurz-Kasch continues to develop its own proprietary encapsulation compounds that are used in many of its UL recognized coil insulation systems and will offer even greater capabilities. These proprietary coil encapsulation compounds have unique and extremely high thermal conductivity characteristics that assist in providing for lower temperature operation and longer coil life.