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What can Kurz-Kasch do for you?


Kurz-Kasch is a leading manufacturer of: Conventional and Encapsulated Coils and Stators, Engineered Composite Components and Subassemblies, Magnetic/Electrical/Electronic Sensing Devices, and High Performance Solenoids. These devices are used in a variety of industries including: Appliance, Aerospace, Automotive, Electrical Distribution and Control, HVAC, Medical, and Valve Actuation.


Kurz-Kasch Overview


Founded in 1916 in Dayton, Ohio Kurz-Kasch is a specialty manufacturer and technology company that has established itself as a leading manufacturer of highly engineered electromagnetic and engineered composite components. The company provides engineering solutions utilizing its integrated core competencies for winding, terminating, machining, encapsulation and precision molding. With press sizes ranging from 10 tons to 1,500 tons Kurz-Kasch can design and manufacture your thermoplastic and thermoset designs. Kurz-Kasch uses a wide range of standard and unique coil winding capabilities. The equipment ranges from multi-head bobbin coil winding machines to unique, custom designed coil winding and forming equipment. The company has also developed its own in-house termination methods for magnet wire, leads in coil, stator, and solenoid and specialty electrical products. In addition, Kurz-Kasch engineers design and employs automated specialty techniques for termination methods with closed loop process controls to assure high reliability.


Kurz-Kasch has unparalleled expertise in CNC machining dissimilar materials such as metals and plastics to fine finishes or micron tolerances. Kurz-Kasch possesses expertise to encapsulate or overmold parts such as coils, stators and motor components using thermoset or thermoplastic materials. The company’s proprietary encapsulate material has excellent heat transfer characteristics that allow coil windings to operate at lower temperatures as well as protect them from the harsh environment.


Kurz-Kasch has over 500 employees and greater than 300,000 square feet of manufacturing space combined in four plants in North America. We also have a manufacturing facility in Jaguariuna, Brazil